The Firm

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Dziemaszkiewicz Krzystyniak spółka partnerska (Dziemaszkiewicz Krzystyniak Legal Counsels professional partnership) (hereinafter “the Firm”) was established in 2013 as the initiative of experienced lawyers, being a response to the demand for specialized legal services tailored to Clients’ expectations.


The ambition of the partners and their priority is to ensure achievement by our Clients their goals by providing them with effective legal solutions, individually adjusted to the type of cases entrusted to us and meeting our Clients’ expectations.


Having extensive experience and insight in the market, we cooperate on the permanent basis with legal companies, bailiffs’ offices, notarial offices, business information offices (so-called credit information agencies), translation companies, financial advisors and other companies supporting our services.


The Firm is ready to provide the Clients with professional legal solutions both within the scope of all types of business transactions as well as court and administrative proceedings.



The experience of our Firm is based primarily on the practice of our lawyers.


We usually provide legal assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs in broadly understood commercial matters ranging from ongoing legal assistance, through consultancy in commercial transactions, lawsuits, to debt collection.


Among our Clients you may find enterprises from the energy industry, agro-food industry, large production plants, local government units, municipalities, Health Care Facilities, schools (Teachers’ Charter), municipal companies, associations, tenants’ associations and many more.


An important part of our practice constitute transactions related to the organization of financing and implementation of investment projects, reconciling documentation and establishing collaterals.


We do not avoid complicated matters; if necessary, we involve other specialists.


We have extensive experience in all instances and courts.


We have practice in criminal cases defending our Clients at all stages of criminal proceedings.


We guarantee confidentiality of cooperation resulting from our conservative approach to the professional secrecy related to the profession of public trust that we carry out.