Corporate law

We specialize in corporate law.


We have our own, multiple-year experience in servicing companies, partnerships and civil partnerships.


We have participated and continue to participate in companies in almost every possible way, including as partners, members of corporate bodies or attorneys (proxies).


We well know the problems of large joint-stock companies (including public companies), capital groups as well as smaller entities.


We assist entrepreneurs at every stage, starting from defining the enterprise’s goals, defining mutual relations between partners, through drafting its articles of association and registration to ongoing corporate services.


We participate in transformations, advise at mergers and acquisitions as well as at restructuring or liquidation processes.


We offer assistance also in conflict situations, inside a company and between partners as well as with contractors.


We have worked for various industries also in sectors which are highly administratively regulated and dependent on the state’s economic policy.


We had the pleasure to work for the largest Polish entrepreneurs and we still cooperate with some of them.