A natural supplement to other practices of the Firm is the practice within “Real Estate and Construction Investments” within which we also deal with broadly understood real estate consultancy.


We have experience in conducting real estate legal condition researches (due diligence) as well as transactions involving real estate.


We are proficient in the valuation of real estate and advise our Clients on the assessment of real estate appraisals made by real estate appraisers.


We represent Clients in administrative proceedings subject of which is the construction process at each of its stages. We appear before administrative bodies, the Local Government Appeal Authority, the Regional Administrative Court, and if necessary also before the Supreme Administrative Court.


We have also extensive experience in advising investors, construction works contractors and subcontractors, including in the field of contractual relations and mutual contracts enforcement.


We provide services for real estate developers as well as for their Clients.


At the request of our Clients, we also take part in the processes of real estate enforcement proceedings.