Our lawyers constantly update and master their experience in the field of property and personal insurances.


Currently, a large group of entrepreneurs is in certain way forced by financial institutions to insure trade receivables. In this way, attempts are made to reduce the risk of payment backlogs and insolvency of contractors, and thus increase the certainty of repayment of funds entrusted to entrepreneurs. The interests of the entrepreneur, insurance Firm and institutions financing entrepreneurs are by their nature contradictory, and therefore it lies in the best interest of entrepreneurs to obtain for themselves professional assistance in the process of agreeing the terms of this type of insurance. Our experience shows that choosing the right broker often turns out to be insufficient.


In addition, professional activity insurance is becoming more and more important, in particular with regard to services provided by medical entities in connection with the growing number of claims that arise from alleged or actual medical errors.


We have extensive experience in providing services to entrepreneurs and professionals but also to natural persons who pursue claims against them.


As part of our practice, we also deal with damages and compensations for non-material damages related to traffic accidents (property and personal damages, including: compensation for harm suffered due to the death of a close person in an accident) and accidents at work (including: liability of a person who runs on his own account an enterprise or plant set in motion by natural forces).