Privacy policy

§ 1

This privacy policy constitutes a collection of information for users of and websites regarding principles of collecting, processing and storing personal data by Dziemaszkiewicz Krzystyniak Legal Counsels professional partnership with its registered office at: ul. Zygmunta Słomińskiego 17 lok. 44, 00-195 Warszawa (“the Firm”).


§ 2

The Firm is the controller of personal data and is subjected to the general provisions of law regarding personal data protection, in particular those set out in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27th, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (“GDPR“) as well as national legal provisions issued in connection with GDPR, including the Act of May 10th, 2018 on Personal Data Protection.


§ 3

The Firm has appointed the personal data protection controller for the needs of GDPR who, if necessary, will provide you with additional explanations. Applications should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected].


§ 4

In addition, the Firm complies with the obligations of maintaining confidentiality and standards appropriate for professions of public trust, in particular resulting from the provisions for legal counsels and attorneys at law.


§ 5

  1. Currently, the Firm does not collect, process or store personal data on and
  2. The Firm collects only anonymized technical data received by the server, including public IP addresses. Data collected in this way are used only for the purpose of administering the website.
  3. The Firm in the future may collect, process and store personal data only for legally justified aims implemented by the Firm, i.e.:


  1. providing services to the Firm’s Clients and proper performance of concluded contracts,
  2. marketing of the Firm’s services,
  3. informing about the Firm’s services, ongoing projects and matters (only in the anonymous way).
  4. analyses and statistics of Internet traffic,
  5. ensuring data security and proper functioning of the Firm’s websites.


§ 6

Personal data may be provided to the Firm consciously and voluntarily and may be removed on request at any time.


§ 7

The Firm may store collected personal data until the above-mentioned legitimate purposes are fulfilled.


§ 8

  1. The Firm does not transfer the personal data to third parties.
  2. Only the collaborators of the Firm involved in its functioning, i.e. lawyers, support staff, contractors, service providers (in particular IT) may have access to the personal data collected, processed or stored by the Firm.


§ 9

The Firm does not use automatic profiling when processing personal data.


§ 10

Users whose personal data is collected, processed or stored by the Firm have the right to lodge a complaint to the Head of the Personal Data Protection Office in Warsaw at: ul. Stawki 2.


§ 11

This privacy policy is published on the Firm’s website and applies to maintaining the Firm’s website from the date of its publication. Any possible changes to the privacy policy made in the future will be published in the same way.



Warsaw, July 2nd, 2018