Our clients are characterized by a rich imagination and often clear vision. These qualities are significant for success can hit with the prosaic problem of the need to provide a source of financing for the implementation of the intended projects while limiting the material risks on the part of the beneficiary.


The answer to such expectations is usually the strategy of using external funds and basing the project on the structure of the special purpose company, for example in the project finance formula.


The implementation of the above strategy encounters numerous challenges already at the planning stage, when it is necessary to specify not only the economic parameters of the investment, but also to confront them with legal conditions.


Another milestone is finding a potential source of financing and agreeing on the terms of participation in the project.


Countless reefs are also waiting for the investor at the implementation stage, especially in the construction process, and each subsequent stage is a new challenge and the need to constantly provide project parameters, at least in view of the repayment period of the incurred debt.


Due to previous experience, the Law Firm is ready to support our clients’ ideas. We are happy to join the project at its first stage. Our lawyers combine legal and economic knowledge and are ready to help verify the planned economic plans, check the legal conditions of the venture in the due diligence process, point out risks, but also find sources of financing.


Through our contacts we connect entrepreneurs who are looking for financing with the potential investors or show the right people to contact in financing institutions.
We are prepared to provide legal service of the entire investment process.