An inseparable element in servicing entrepreneurs is the need to provide professional services in the scope of representing clients in court disputes and carrying out debt collection for them.

Every law firm deals with these issues. However, what distinguishes us is the combination of competences and experiences of people from each side of such processes in one company. Our lawyers have experience in banking debt collection, in company debt collection , as well as on the side threatened by insolvency and bankrupt entrepreneurs, or even pro bono assistance for people unable to defend themselves in processes related to defense against so-called payroll loan.

We also gain experiences in different court processes. We represented our clients in courts of all instances. Disputes for payment, contractual penalties, damages and compensation, evictions, repealing the organ’s resolution, and many more are our daily routine.
We provide our clients with the adequate procedural expenses to assumed business results, so we do not expose our clients to pointless expenses.

If necessary, we cooperate with industry specialists, property appraisers, research institutes, detective agencies, public relations agencies, and bailiff’s offices.

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