Michał Nowicki
Restructuring advisor
+48 601 515 169

A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznan and Postgraduate Studies in Economic Law.

Restructuring advisor, license number 161.

Michał has been involved in the professional career for more than fifteen years with deep insight of debt collection. His experience covers several years of independent positions in the structures of the Social Insurance Institution, where he was particularly involved in supervising the proceedings of liquidation and bankruptcy. He represented the Social Security Institution in numerous creditors' councils.

For several years he managed the debt collection department of a significant international corporation, where he co-created the entire debt collection procedures resulting from the market specificity of the business. He independently supervised a team of several dozen sales representatives in the field of compliance and proper application of security measures.

For many years he helps entrepreneurs and consumers in financial problems. He successfully manages and supports numerous restructuring and bankruptcy processes.

Michał is responsible for ongoing operational support of managed enterprises (in particular in the field of efficiency of functioning and efficiency of basic business operations).

Privately, an amateur of running and motor sports (motocross and off-road).

debt collection, restructuring law, bankruptcy law, company management