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We have multiple-year experience in rendering services for corporate clients.

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The Firm

The experience of the Firm is based primarily on the practice of our lawyers.

We usually provide legal assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs in broadly understood commercial matters, ranging from ongoing legal assistance, through consultancy in commercial transactions, lawsuits, to debt collection.

Among our Clients, you could find enterprises from the energy sector, agro-food industry, large production plants, local government units, municipalities, Health Care Facilities, schools (Teachers' Charter), municipal companies, associations, housing communities and many more.

An important part of our experience are also transactions related to the organization of financing and implementation of investment projects, approving documentation and establishing collaterals.

We do not avoid complicated matters; if necessary we involve other specialists.

We have extensive experience in all instances and courts.

We have practice in criminal cases defending our Clients at all stages of criminal proceedings.

We guarantee confidentiality of cooperation resulting from our conservative approach to the professional secrecy related to the profession of public trust that we carry out.

The leading specializations


17 10.2019

The Low Down Payment Insurance clauses recognized as abusive again.

Yesterday, a court’s verdict was announced in a case in which we convinced the court again about abusiveness of the Low Down Payment Insurance clauses of the mortgage loan agreement indexed to the Swiss franc concluded by our Clients with one of the large commercial banks.   This time the court shared our position almost […]

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16 08.2019

Replacing the penalty of imprisonment with a fine.

By a judgment of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, a sentence of imprisonment imposed on our Client with a conditional suspension for a trial period of 1 year has been replaced by fine.   In this case, our Client was accused of forging a document (Article 270 § 1 of the Penal Code in […]

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