Cookies policy

                                                                                       § 1
This cookie policy is a collection of user’s information of the and website about the principles of collecting, processing and storing data from cookie files by Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Dziemaszkiewicz Krzystyniak sp. p. with office in Warsaw at Zygmunta Słomińskiego 17str., fl. 44 (the “Law Office”).

                                                                                       § 2
The website of the Law Office uses the popular CMS (Content Management System) system, as well as may use Google Analytics, which does not have a direct impact on the placement of cookies by the suppliers of these systems.

                                                                                       § 3
1. Currently, the cookies are not used by the Law Firm to obtain any information about users of the website, nor to track their navigation.
2. If such information was used by the Law Office, their use would be limited and used only for:

  • creating Internet traffic statistics on the website and adjusting the website content to the user’s preferences.
  • optimizing the use of the website (e.g. to adjust the display of the website to the device, speed up loading of content or save settings).

  •                                                                                        § 4
    Users may block cookies at any time by choosing appropriate settings in the web browser. This change should not affect the possibility of using the Law Firm’s website; however it may affect the convenience of using the website.

                                                                                           § 5
    This cookie policy is published on the Law Office website and applies to the the Law Office website from the date of publication. Any possible changes to the privacy policy made in the future will be published in the same way.

    Warsaw, July 2, 2018